My Favourite Picture Books

When I found out that I am going to be an aunt, my first thoughts were about reading to the baby. What books will I read? What are the best picture books? Which books were my favourites as a child? What new picture books are really good?

I have taken entire courses in University about the importance of reading good quality literature to children. The research always says to start reading from the time they are born (or sooner!). When I go to a bookstore and see the hundreds of picture books available, I get so excited! There are so many amazing books to choose from. But I also warn that there are many poor quality books that children and parents won’t enjoy such as books that only list colours or animals. I don’t believe in books that are made to “teach” children. Research shows that books with a narrative element are best. If a book is engaging, children will learn. Look for books that have a story, interesting and complex pictures and is a book that you yourself enjoy talking to your child about. But when in doubt, READ!

Here I have compiled a list of my favourite picture books. I believe in reading to all children no matter how young or old. These books are best read from newborn to preschool age but I would read them to any child (or adult!).

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