The Pitfalls of Looking Calm

Something different today (sorry there are no books involved) This year, in honour of Bell Let’s Talk Day, I am posting an article I wrote last year.

The Pitfalls of Looking Calm

“You didn’t look anxious!”

This statement can be really encouraging if you have just given a presentation, met someone new or performed for a crowd, but there are other times that looking calm has its downsides.

I have had severe anxiety (both social and general) since I was 11 years old. That’s 14 years of practice looking clam when the panic rises. That is not to say that I am always trying to look calm. Most of the time my focus is not on looking calm but only on surviving the moment, not throwing up and not fainting.  I always considered looking calm to be a positive, something to strive for. That is what was taught by all my teachers: look confident, stand up straight, make eye contact, never show that you are nervous. Only in the last year since starting treatment have I realized that showing your vulnerability, your panic, can be important.

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Cat Books

In honour of adopting my new cat, Luna, I thought I would put together a list of books about cats. Turns out I have not read that many books with cats as major characters. However, I still made a list of books where the cat is at least a memorable character. Also, I promise these cats don’t die, because I refuse to read books where any animal is harmed.

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