A lot of people are big fans of John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars”. Although I really enjoyed TFIOS, my favourite John Green book is “An Abundance of Katherines”. I love how it is a very different kind of story and not your typical run of the mill love story. I love how nerdy Colin is and how he brings a different kind of perspective to the book.

If, like me, you liked An Abundance of Katherines, then here is a list of books you may also enjoy:


This is one of my new favourite books. I listened to it as an audiobook and the narration was amazing! The new girl in town finds herself befriending the outcast boy. She helps “Ghost Boy” to solve a family mystery. I love that this book is more than a love story and the characters are so real just like in Katherines.


I have previously described this book in my post about Doctor Who recommendations. If you liked the nerdy and math side of things in Katherines, then I think you will like this book about friendship with a sci-fi timey-wimey aspect.


This is the story of a girl, Frankie, who goes to an elite boarding school and is dating a guy who is in a secret society. Frankie wants to be a part of the secret society so she plans to perform a variety of pranks. An intelligent and fun story.


The story of two homeschoolers who befriend a new boy in odd circumstances. Max has set out to complete his list of 23 Ways to Fake My Death Without Dying and Stevie and Sanger decide to spend the summer helping him. The odd characters remind me of An Abundance of Katherines even though I did find the end of Lucy Few disappointing.


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